Issue: Solar Scams

Solar Secrets

Issue: Solar Scams

Any industry that’s grown-up gaming the system for survival is almost sure to spin-off some sketchy secondary scams along the way. And so it is with the solar racket.

Taxpayer giveaways to politically-connected solar startups like Solyndra and Abound Solar are only the most obvious example of how solar operators take advantage of the "system." It’s almost as if they feel entitled to exploit every loophole and angle because of the privileged, pampered, politically-favored status they’ve long enjoyed. And our media "watchdogs" act more like lapdogs when the story involves an industry that poses as the answer to all our energy questions, not to mention a savior of the planet.

Solar Secrets doesn’t intend to sweep Big Sun’s game-playing under the rug, since the unwitting victims of such actions often turn out to be taxpayers, other ratepayers or gullible customers, who often simply accept the premise that solar can do no wrong. Big Sun is as prone to wheeling-and-dealing, financial shenanigans and sent-seeking as any other major industry. It has enough political clout and lobbying power to keep the tax dollars and government favors coming, perhaps indefinitely. Yet it often gets a pass on the kind of scrutiny other industries get, for reasons that baffle us.

Solar Secrets was created to end this double standard by bringing more transparency and accountability to how this industry operates.