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Solar Power Lobbyists Seek to Subvert Florida Tea Party

James M. Taylor, Heartland Institute on March 13, 2015

After successfully pushing for $100 million in special interest Florida renewable energy subsidies, the solar power lobby hopes to subvert the Florida Tea Party and get it to work for still more government favoritism. Florida’s grassroots conservatives should see through the ruse and just say no to more Solyndra-style chicanery.

Seeking to take advantage of grassroots conservatives’ natural – and justified – antipathy to government picking winners and losers through state-protected monopolies, the solar power industry is playing the victimregarding Florida utility monopolies. Florida law provides that within each utility’s state-protected regional monopoly, no other entity may sell electricity to Florida consumers.  Solar power lobbyists seek a special exception to this monopoly, arguing that solar power companies should be able to install equipment on businesses and residences within each utility monopoly and then sell their power directly to consumers.

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