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Paper Details Lessons Learned from Solar

Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy on March 10, 2015

The Albuquerque, N.M.-based public-interest group Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy has just released a white paper detailing experiences nationwide with going solar—and some of the findings are alarming:

• Many third-party solar companies have exploited federal subsidies by over-reporting prices and ripped off consumers by over-charging for financed solar power systems.

• The rapid adoption of solar, with little regulation or oversight, has led to fraud, deception, illegal business practices, and even safety issues. 

• The installation of rooftop solar is causing issues related to home owners insurance, real estate sales, and liability concerns.

• Net metering policies that pay solar rooftop owners for power returned to the grid are causing cost shifts to non-solar customers.

In a statement issued with the release of the white paper, CARE Executive Director Marita Noon says, "Going solar has become increasingly popular, but consumers and policymakers alike should proceed with caution and recognize the potential consequences of more use of rooftop solar power."

>>Read the full report here.

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