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Editorial: Lawsuit against SRP will backfire

Editorial Board, Arizona Republic on March 09, 2015

In laying out its case against Salt River Project for alleged violation of federal antitrust laws, solar-system manufacturer SolarCity effectively makes a big part of the case for SRP.

In its suit, filed in U.S. District Court, SolarCity contends that "(b)ecause solar customers are unable to completely disconnect from SRP's grid — they still need power in the evening hours and at other times when their energy demands exceed what their solar energy systems produce — they cannot escape SRP's penalty."

Put another way, those 15,000 SRP customers with solar arrays cannot escape reliance on the power grid. And as long as customers of SRP with solar arrays on their rooftops continue to rely on that grid, they should pay for the grid's maintenance.

That is not just SRP's position; it is the position of dozens of utility companies across the country dealing with the complexities of a still-growing rooftop-solar industry that remains far from self-sufficient.

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