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Big Solar Calls The Waaaambulance After PSC Study Shows Solar Subsidies Are A Ripoff For Louisiana on March 05, 2015

Big Solar has been trying to destroy Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Eric Skrmetta. Skrmetta’s crime is simply this, standing up for Louisiana ratepayers and businesses against the Obama Administration’s and the environmentalist movement’s push to adopt expensive, heavily subsidized, and boutique energy sources like rooftop solar. They failed to defeat Skrmetta at the ballot by putting up fake Republican Forest Wright, now Big Solar is resorting to character assassination.

Big Solar is pissy at Skrmetta because he dared to e-mail a PSC study to legislators that showed rooftop solar subsidies and net metering were costing Louisiana a fortune, to the tune of a net loss of $89 million according to the study.

Big Solar can’t have this so they resorted to character assassination against Skrmetta. The group leading the charge is a West Coast based solar advocacy group called TUSK, or Tell Utilities Solar won’t be Killed. They claim to be conservatives and free market supporters, but they’re pushing one of the most heavily subsidized energy sources in the country. Here’s what TUSK sent out in an e-mail:

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