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Why rooftop solar is disruptive to utilities—and the grid

Seth Blumsack, on March 24, 2015

A report earlier this month detailed how electric utilities were working through state regulators to stunt the spread of rooftop solar, the latest tactic in a campaign an industry group started three years ago.

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The United States of subsidies: The biggest corporate winners in each state

Niraj Chokshi, Washington Post on March 18, 2015

...Another six—Dow Chemical, Lockheed Martin, NRG Energy, Sempra Energy, SolarCity and United Technologies—are among the top 50 recipients of state subsidies and federal grants...

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Solar Power Lobbyists Seek to Subvert Florida Tea Party

James M. Taylor, Heartland Institute on March 13, 2015

After successfully pushing for $100 million in special interest Florida renewable energy subsidies, the solar power lobby hopes to subvert the Florida Tea Party and get it to work for still more government favoritism. Florida’s grassroots conservatives should see through the ruse and just say no to more Solyndra-style chicanery.

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Paper Details Lessons Learned from Solar

Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy on March 10, 2015

The Albuquerque, N.M.-based public-interest group Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy has just released a white paper detailing experiences nationwide with going solar—and some of the findings are alarming.

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Column: Using gloom and doom to sell solar

David Williams / Taxpayers Protection Alliance, The (Prescott, AZ) Daily Courier on March 10, 2015

Can gloom and doom be used to sell something as seemingly perky and positive as solar energy? Of course it can be, and it frequently is in Arizona, as solar companies try to scare potential customers into making hasty decisions on a rooftop solar purchase, lease or loan. At last, Arizona's leaders are beginning to awaken to the dark side of Big Sun.

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Editorial: Lawsuit against SRP will backfire

Editorial Board, Arizona Republic on March 9, 2015

In laying out its case against Salt River Project for alleged violation of federal antitrust laws, solar-system manufacturer SolarCity effectively makes a big part of the case for SRP.

In its suit, filed in U.S. District Court, SolarCity contends that "(b)ecause solar customers are unable to completely disconnect from SRP's grid — they still need power in the evening hours and at other times when their energy demands exceed what their solar energy systems produce — they cannot escape SRP's penalty."

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Big Solar Calls The Waaaambulance After PSC Study Shows Solar Subsidies Are A Ripoff For Louisiana on March 5, 2015

Big Solar has been trying to destroy Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Eric Skrmetta. Skrmetta’s crime is simply this, standing up for Louisiana ratepayers and businesses against the Obama Administration’s and the environmentalist movement’s push to adopt expensive, heavily subsidized, and boutique energy sources like rooftop solar. They failed to defeat Skrmetta at the ballot by putting up fake Republican Forest Wright, now Big Solar is resorting to character assassination.

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Gov. Kate Brown: Investigate $12 million in tax credits for solar scheme

Ted Sickinger & Jeff Manning, The Oregonian/OregonLive on March 4, 2015

Gov. Kate Brown wants the Oregon Department of Justice to investigate the questionable award of $12 million in state tax credits used to finance a massive installation of solar panels at Oregon Institute of Technology and Oregon State University.

The Justice Department's Criminal Investigation Division was initially asked to look into the matter last week by Michael Kaplan, the director of the Oregon Department of Energy. 

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Report: Louisiana Solar Subsidies Are Welfare For The Wealthy

Peter Fricke, The Daily Caller on March 3, 2015

A new state report claims that subsidies for rooftop solar panels in Louisiana cost taxpayers millions, and disproportionately benefit higher-income households.

The draft report, prepared for the Louisiana Public Services Commission by professor David Dismukes of Acadian Consulting Group, evaluates the costs and benefits of the state’s solar energy tax incentives, which some industry observers consider “the most generous of any state tax incentives currently allowed in the U.S.”

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Obama's Solar Tariffs Hurt Those He (Supposedly) Wants to Help

Brian Riley, The Daily Signal on December 23, 2014

President Obama has made it quite clear he wants to see more renewable energy in the United States. Then why is his administration making it more expensive?

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Is Your Rooftop Solar Array Facing the Wrong Way?

Sean Paige. Inside Sources on December 19, 2014

The recent rush to pave-over every American rooftop with solar panels has one major flaw, according to emerging new thinking in the field. Most of these systems face south, when pointing them west makes much more sense. It’s a case of misdirection, literally, that’s all too typical of the fly-by-night way this industry is evolving. » Read More

How Green Are Those Solar Panels, Really?

Christina Nunez, National Geographic on December 11, 2014

As the world seeks cleaner power, solar energy capacity has increased sixfold in the past five years. Yet manufacturing all those solar panels, a Tuesday report shows, can have environmental downsides. » Read More

Solar Energy Will Produce Less Than One Percent Of US Power In 2015

Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller on December 11, 2014

Despite millions in subsidies and government loans, solar power is projected to remain a tiny portion of overall electricity generation in the U.S., according to Energy Department figures. » Read More

The Great Renewable Energy Rip-Off

Alan Caruba, The Heartland Institute on December 8, 2014

One of the lesser known attempts to prove that renewable energy, wind and solar power, can replace traditional energy sources–coal, oil, and natural gas–went belly up in much the same way current wind and solar companies depend on tapping the taxpayer for government subsidies in order to stay in business. Google’s Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal initiative begun in 2007 and shut down four years later.

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