Issue: Hidden Costs of Solar Energy

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Issue: Hidden Costs of Solar Energy

One of the problems of weighing the claimed benefits of solar power against the true costs is that the former often seems greatly exaggerated while the latter is hidden from view. Doing a credible cost-benefit is nearly impossible under such circumstances – which is just as many solar proponents would like it.

Most of us may be vaguely aware that solar power and other "renewables" are subsidized in some way. Some may also understand that their energy bills may be higher than necessary because of utility cost-shifting schemes designed to benefit solar users at their expense. But ask the average American how much those direct and indirect subsidies are worth, or what impact cost-shifting between ratepayers has on their monthly bill, and most are completely in the dark - which is also as Big Sun would like it.

Some Americans undoubtedly would find the additional cost of solar power acceptable no matter what, since they’re convinced that spending more for less-reliable energy will "save the planet" and reduce their "carbon footprints." These folks think it's obnoxious (or inconvenient) reducing such questions to crass, dollar-and-cents calculations.

But most of the rest of us are practical people, who understandably may wonder if they’re involuntarily "investing" in a game-changing energy breakthrough or a pig in a poke. And that’s especially true for the underprivileged, the working class and those on fixed incomes, for whom higher energy costs can have very serious consequences.

The mission of Solar Secrets is to do the deep digging necessary to help practical people weigh the true costs of solar against the actual benefits, so they can make more informed and rational decisions about the energy options being debated.